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Hot Yoga Bliss Playlist

This Playlist has served me well for my hot yoga class and I thought I would pass it along.  Most of this I downloaded through the UK version of  iTunes. It is a good 90 minutes of music.

Nataraja Prelude by Shantala

Intention Feat. Morley by Earthrise Soundsystem

Holy Ma by Shantala

Jai! from the album Namaskaram

Let it Burn Feat. Daniel Dworkin by Earthrise Soundsystem

Falling from the album Human

Sa Ta Na Ma by Mantra Girl

Subterranean Sanctuary from the Yoga Flow Mix 1

Grace – U2

Belle – Jack Johnson

Procelain -Moby

Nagual  from the Om Yoga Mix

Dhan Dhan by Mantra Girl

Deep Bamboo from Music for Savasana by Steven Halpern

Closing Meditation by Shantala