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Yoga for S.A.D.

Kansas City Sunflower from my Parent's Garden

Here in England, the weather can be a bit grey.  As winter sets in, I am gaining an understanding for why the term “Seasonal Affective Disorder” arose.  The oppressive weather can darken even the cheeriest of spirits.

Perhaps there are some ways we can add a bit of sunshine into our souls, come rain or shine.  I would like to propose that a yoga practice might lift the winter blues.


Postures that bring the head below the heart or the legs above the heart are known as inversions.  These poses bring fresh blood to the brain which is energizing.  They also boost the immune system and help regulate hormones.

Heart Opening

Yoga involves opening the heart by lifting the chest.  Expanding the chest open and drawing the shoulders back helps lift mood by bolstering confidence and creating feelings of optimism.  Feel the love.  Share the love.


I have never walked out of a yoga class where I didn’t feel at least some heightened feelings of gratitude.  When the weight of the world has a chance to lift off our shoulders, we mainly see what we are thankful for.