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Hot Yoga Bliss Playlist

This Playlist has served me well for my hot yoga class and I thought I would pass it along.  Most of this I downloaded through the UK version of  iTunes. It is a good 90 minutes of music.

Nataraja Prelude by Shantala

Intention Feat. Morley by Earthrise Soundsystem

Holy Ma by Shantala

Jai! from the album Namaskaram

Let it Burn Feat. Daniel Dworkin by Earthrise Soundsystem

Falling from the album Human

Sa Ta Na Ma by Mantra Girl

Subterranean Sanctuary from the Yoga Flow Mix 1

Grace – U2

Belle – Jack Johnson

Procelain -Moby

Nagual  from the Om Yoga Mix

Dhan Dhan by Mantra Girl

Deep Bamboo from Music for Savasana by Steven Halpern

Closing Meditation by Shantala




My Detox Salad

I keep making and eating this salad.  I just can’t stop.  It’s not anything complicated to prepare, and I thought it was time to share.

I use an entire bag of watercress, and then dress it with: olive oil, 1 whole squeezed lemon, crushed chili peppers, fennel seed, and salt and pepper. If I have goat cheese, I add that in because I think it’s delicious.

No matter how I am feeling, this crazy little detox salad seems to fit the bill and make me feel great.

It’s zesty, alive, and cleansing.

Bye Bye Winter Body: My First 3 Steps

Photo Courtesy Jason Bolanski via Flickr

It might seem premature,  but I am ready to say good bye to my winter body: the 5 pounds since Christmas, the sluggishness, the dry and generally unhappy skin, and the layers of clothing.  It is time to shed, detox, renew, and re-energize. De-cluttering for the body.

I realize the States are still buried under snow, but here in Cambridge the sun has started shining, the birds are chirping, and some days we get up to 10º C         (50º F)!! In my opinion spring is here and I want to start feeling like it. Here is what I am doing so far:

1. I Parked my car and got back on my bike

Just as the winter was getting really bad in December, I got a car and was able to stop riding my bike for transportation.  Which was great: warm, cozy, fast, expensive, and fattening…hmmm, not all great.  So I have parked the car, and ride my bike (here is where I am supposed to insert that it is actually my dad’s bike) when I can.  Racking up the miles in a week seems to be instant weight loss.  It gets me out in the fresh air, lungs and heart working, and I even get to shed some layers because I get so warm from cycling. I also get to don my “save the planet” t-shirt with less irony and more smugness…only joking…but I do love my save the planet t-shirt.

2.  Early to bed, early to rise.

The daylight is changing rapidly now.  As it gets lighter in the mornings I am getting out of bed earlier as I can see the light peaking over the horizon.  And I motivate myself by getting to the 6:30 Mysore Ashtanga class (no, not every morning), which 2 months ago seemed absolutely impossible to get to. In fact, it’s a new habit so I am hoping it sticks.   The fresh start and added exercise means I get to bed earlier too. Introduce the Cycle of Virtuosity.  Caution:  cycle of virtuosity is easily broken by drinking wine and having fun with friends and loved ones.

3. I’m eating more fruit and drinking more water

This actually ties in to the aforementioned cycle of virtuosity.  The added exercise means I am drinking loads more water.  And as for eating fruit…it’s a bit of medicine at the moment.  I am force feeding myself bananas and apples with yogurt (there are no tropical fruits on this island).  I figure the potassium must be good with the added loss of sweat and electrolytes, and the fruit should provide a bit of a cleanse.  If ever I felt like I needed a cleanse, its at 7am when I am attempting to get into Marichyasana D.  No this isn’t me, just some random guy I found on Youtube doing Marichyasana D.

All in All, I am one week in to my new winter body banish and I am feeling fresher..but it’s only the beginning.