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The job search titles might as well read “slow death”. Because really that is how this feels. And not only does it feel like that now, but I am quite sure that it will feel like that in the interview and for every day that follows after I accept the position. Perhaps I should take up smoking and shorten my sentence. I thought a job was supposed to be some sort of expression of who you are. It is something interwoven with the very fabric of one’s personality and inner purpose, which of course was gifted from God. I actually do believe that God granted us all a purpose and a gift to call our very own. And when we are working in alignment with that gift we are in the act of serving God.


But then there is the directionless meandering that happens after college. I will not pretend I am the only one with this gift. Most of my friends have also enjoyed this skill since getting a diploma. It’s not for lack of drive that we can’t pull it together. It is the fluorescent-light laden cube death that steals our spirits. It is the promise of “secretary spread” or “desk-ass”. It is the faint dark circles under our eyes that tell the world we aren’t completely happy. And if you aren’t completely happy it is your fault after all. Because you should be able to have the perfect job that fulfills you and plays off your God-given talents.


Slow death. The pace actually quickens when you are searching for a job because you realize how short your life really is. How precious every moment. How loved, every loved one. The job you take is what you are trading your time for. Money is worth only what someone will give you for it. And most of us are giving our time for money. Yes, now I’m confused as well.


In my job search, to keep it fun, I like to try and decode the titles of positions. Just about everything translates into “sales”. There is “consultant”, that sounds awfully important. “Advisor”, yes, I must be an authority on the matter. And let us not forget “team member”, give me a name tag so I can make your day.


I will try not to see job-hunting as the beginning of the end, but rather the beginning of the beginning. Wish me luck.