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2 Pregnancy Friendly Yoga Poses to Make You Feel Better Right Now

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Triangletriangle cropThis classic yoga pose is a great way to strengthen the muscles that support your loosening joints in pregnancy. It also allows you to create space in your torso and length in your spine. The added bonus during pregnancy: triangle strengthens the abdominal muscles that hug the sides of your torso and aid in supporting your ever growing baby bump.
Some keys for getting into the pose:
Have a block handy. Step your feet apart about three feet. Rotate your right hip open from the socket so your foot and knee move 90 degrees. Line up your front heel with your back arch and turn your back toes in slightly. Set your block to the outside of your right ankle. Press your feet firmly to the ground while you activate the muscles in your legs like you are hugging the muscles to the bones. You should see your quadricep lift. This is great for stabilizing loosening joints during pregnancy.
Reach your right arm in the direction of your toes while pulling your right hip crease back and pressing firmly through your big toe mound. Your hips will tilt. Think about lengthening the bottom side of your waist until both sides of your waist are long and straight. Take your hand down to your block or shin. Reach up through the left arm and then spiral your ribs open as if you were going to lean your upper
body against a wall. Feel how the muscles of the sides of your stomach now embrace your heavy belly. Feel the length of your spine as energy running out all the way through the crown of your head. Take 5 breaths here.
To come out of your pose, inhale, pressing again firmly through your foot and resisting the floor as you come to stand. Square off the feet and take the other side.

Revolved head to knee pose

revolved janu crop

This seated stretching pose is an open twist allowing you to again find much needed length and space in your torso.
Some keys for getting into it:
Come to a seat and take your legs apart about 90 degrees. Make sure you are sitting up on your sit bones. If it is uncomfortable or you feel like tight hamstrings are pulling your tailbone under you, sit on the edge of a blanket or pillow. Make sure your toes and knees face up towards the ceiling and flex your toes towards you. Draw the left foot in to the groin. Heavy both sit bones, there can be a tendency here to rock the weight to one side. Stay grounded as you sit up tall and revolve your torso away from your extended leg, an open twist. You can extend your right arm along your leg towards your foot.
Inhale, reaching your left arm up and over in the direction of the extended leg. Keep your left sit bone heavy. Think of lengthening the torso rather than trying to come down towards the leg. Once again,
revolve your torso open towards the ceiling rather than the floor. Take 5 deep breaths. Inhale to release and switch sides.

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